Artwork Specifications

Artwork Specifications


We ACCEPT the following formats: MAC (Apple) and PC (Windows)

Adobe Illustrator 10.0 (or earlier) - MAC or PC

Save as EPS and "Create Outlines" for type or include all screen and printer fonts (MAC).

Aldus Freehand - MAC

Save as Illustrator and "Convert Type to Curves"

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (or earlier) - MAC or PC

Save as an EPS or TIF image. Art must be larger than actual imprint area with a good resolution. If you have an image that needs to color separate, we would need a vectorized image. (Illustrator EPS would be best with correct Pantone numbers).

CorelDraw 9.0 - PC

Create curves for all images and fonts.



"Camera-ready" artwork means a sharp, black and white image, that we can reproduce from (larger the better). Files that are supplied must have fonts outlined or supplied (screen & printer) fonts for MAC. Artwork that needs to be separated must have correct Pantone numbers. Save in accepted formats or our Art Department can reproduce your artwork for an additional fee. The fee is based on the complexity of your design. NOTE: reproduction of any artwork will add to the production time of your items ordered.


Color Separated Artwork

Convert all fonts to outline or supply MAC fonts (screen and printer). All colors are to be spot colors with correct Pantone Numbers. Please include a hard copy of artwork.


Acceptable Disks (MAC or PC)



A proof will be supplied and must be approved and signed off by client before ANY production work of items will commence.


Production Time

Production time is the amount of time needed to produce an item after the customer has given final approval of artwork. Delivery of the items is based on shipping method chosen.

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